Electrical Contractor Names Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Electrical ContractorOne of the most commonly asked question to an electrical contractor is what type of light bulbs to use in an average home. There are various different kinds of light bulbs available on the market today and choosing which one to use for your home has become a tedious task. You also have to consider the cost, energy efficiency and some aesthetics.

There are three basic types of light bulbs to consider for most home lighting – LED’s, fluorescents such as CFL’s and halogen incandescent bulbs. The last one meets current energy efficient standards by the government. These three differ some in cost.

Professional electrical contractor tips in choosing the best light bulb

  • Always check the manufacturer’s website as well for more information on the light bulb you want to purchase, as not all the details that you need to make a choice are on the label.
  • Not all light bulbs marked with Energy Star are the same. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, LEDs marked with Energy Star could last 25 times longer than the average incandescent while an Energy Star CFL lasts only 10 times longer. However, both use only 25% of energy to function.
  • Choose energy efficient light bulbs based on the energy savings it could generate in a year. This will give you a wider perspective to look at and have a bigger picture of how much you really save.
  • An electrical contractor recommends choosing a light bulb with a high lumen number if you want a bright light bulb. You’ll find this information in the lighting facts on the label of the light bulb. Remember that the higher the lumen number, the brighter the light is.
  • A small amount of mercury is present in CFL’s, while LED’s and halogen incandescent do not contain any traces of mercury.

What bulbs are best for which jobs?

A professional contractor provided a basic run down of the three common light bulbs available on the market today:

  • Halogen incandescent bulbs save about 25% on energy usage but retain the same lighting quality as with older light bulbs. They cost more than the original light bulbs but less than LED’s and CFLs.
  • LEDs have the longest lifespan among the three but they do not have dim lighting. That is why experts suggest not using them in the living rooms or for lighting specific art pieces or corners of a room. You can use LED bulbs to light steps, stairways, spaces under your cupboards, and landscaping.
  • CFL lighting is best used in drop-bowl fixtures and table lamps. This type of bulb heats up very quickly so it’s important that you install them in places where there is free and continuous air circulation, especially around the bulb.

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