Your Electrical Engineer And Your Electrical System

Electrical Engineer Myrtle BeachIf there is one thing that your electrical engineer will tell you about your electrical system, it will have something to do with upgrades. According to many professional electricians, that is what most of the homes in Myrtle Beach need, particularly those homes that have been built 20-30 years ago. These homes have completely outdated electrical systems.

More specifically, they will typically have only one lighting source at the center of each room, a limited number of two pronged outlets and only a couple of large appliances. Obviously, their needs for electricity are entirely different from today’s need for electricity.

Today’s generation has greater use for electricity, considering the number of gadgets and devices that they charge daily – sometimes more than once in a day. Aside from this, today’s homeowners use different types of home appliances for their convenience. These include vacuum cleaners, advanced HVAC systems and the various kitchen tools and appliances.

This is why it is essential for today’s homes to undergo an electrical upgrade. But how will you know it is time for an upgrade? And which parts of your electrical system should you upgrade? Here is where a Myrtle Beach electrical engineer can help you out.

Working with an electrical professional

If you are not sure how to go about upgrading your electrical system and whether or not you need one right now, you will have to hire a professional. Many electrical service providers in Myrtle Beach such as MB Electrician Pros offer complete inspection of your electrical system. Their electricians will then discuss with you the results of the inspection and the options available for you depending on what your electrical system needs.

You can also tell whether or not you need an electrical upgrade if you see the following signs:

  • When circuit breakers frequently trip
  • When fuses often blow
  • When lighting fixtures flicker every time you switch on a big appliance requiring huge amounts of electricity such as the washer, refrigerator and air conditioner
  • When your electrical panel overheats
  • When you are still using an electrical panel that has been recalled or is still an older brand or model
  • When you use a number of extension cords and power strips around the house
  • When you are still using two pronged outlets
  • When you have more two pronged outlets than three pronged and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets
  • When you have built additions to your home such as a garage, workshop lawn shed
  • When you have extended areas of your house such as your garage or kitchen
  • When you have installed large appliances like heat pumps and air conditioners

If you notice more than one of these signs, you need to have an electrical engineer in Myrtle Beach to look at your electrical system. Regardless of how easy it may seem to do some of the upgrades that you need – such as installing additional three pronged outlets – it is highly recommended that you leave these to the professionals. Keep in mind that electrical system upgrades are complex and highly dangerous, especially if the person doing it has no previous experiences and is not certified and licensed to do the upgrades.

What does an electrical system upgrade include?

Aside from installing additional outlets and replacing your old electrical panels, circuit breakers, outlets and wiring, an electrical system upgrade also include increasing your available power by 100 percent depending on your electrical needs. This is especially true for older homes. Keep in mind that today’s families have greater need for electricity than before. Thus, the 200 amps of electricity in older homes are no longer sufficient.

And depending on the results of the overall inspection by your electrician, your electrical system upgrade may also include:

  • Installing new service cables
  • Installing new meter base
  • Installing more advanced weather head
  • Installing ground circuit fault interrupters in the garage, yard, kitchen and bathrooms
  • Replacing old and outdated electrical panels and subpanels
  • Replacing old and worn out switches

If your home has undergone several renovations and layout changes in the past, you should inform your electrical engineer at once. There might have been some changes already made in your wiring that installing additional outlets in a room may no longer be applicable. Keep in mind that when you renovate your home, your wiring and electrical system may have also been moved, replaced or changed. This is why it is best to have the electrician conduct an overall inspection of your electrical system first.

Always work with a licensed and skilled electrical engineer to ensure you and your family’s safety whenever planning for an electrical upgrade. Call MB Electrician Pros now to inquire about their services.

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