Top Safety Tips From Your Local Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer Myrtle BeachAccording to your local electrical engineer, the more dependent the household is to the use of electricity, the more important it is for homeowners and household members to implement safety electrical measures. It is extremely necessary for every homeowner to become fully aware of their surroundings and become alert on the worst electrical emergency that could happen. Experts believe that knowledge and awareness are what will keep you and your family safe from electrical emergencies.

Here are some tips that you can follow to implement and ensure electrical safety around the house.

1. Know and remember when your house was built.

Keep in mind that the older your home is, the more prone it is to electrical damage and wear and tear. If you know when the house built, you will know how old it is and decide which types of electrical upgrades it needs. Moreover, the day it was built will be a perfect date for conducting yearly inspection on your plumbing and electrical systems.

2. Have your local electrical engineer look at your electric panel.

What the electrician will do is to check the brand of the panel and make sure the wires are arranged effectively. Otherwise, you will have to replace the panel and have the wires arranged properly. There are lots of brands of electrical panels available in many home depot and hardware stores. If you are to replace your panel, make sure you buy the latest brand from a known manufacturer. This will ensure that your electrical panel is safe and high quality.

3. Make sure to have the right type of fire extinguisher in the house.

Keep in mind that an electrical fire is different from the average fire. Thus, you will need a special kind of fire extinguisher to put out an electrical fire. Do not use water when putting away an electrical fire as water conducts electricity. It will only worsen the situation. Use a fire-retardant chemical fire extinguisher instead. The fire extinguisher should be easily accessible. All the members of the household should know where it is located and how to use it.

4. Get to know your electrical breakers better.

Take time to understand how your breakers work. Note when it trips, how frequent and how long. Keep in mind that when your electrical breaker trips, it means there is something wrong in your electrical system. It might be that you have been using lots of big appliances simultaneously or have plugged in an inappropriate machine or appliance. Whatever the reason might be, you will have to note down all your observations and call an electrical engineer for professional assistance and more in-depth assessment of the situation.

5. Make time to feel the temperature of your outlets.

The number one sign that there is a problem in your electrical system is a hot outlet. Because there is no other visual sign that tells you your outlet is hot, you will need to time a couple of minutes in your maintenance or cleaning routine to touch outlets and feel for warmth or hotness.

According to experts, a warm or hot outlet could mean that the electrical load in that circuit has reached the maximum level and is nearing overflow. Another reason could be there is a wire melting somewhere in the system. Another reason for an increase in the temperature of outlets is loosening of the wire.

For more electrical safety tips, call MB Electrician Pros today and speak with their electrical engineer.

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