Electrician Myrtle Beach And The Types of Electrical Wires

Electrician Myrtle BeachBecause electrical wires are the most obvious part of a home’s electrical system, electrician Myrtle Beach professionals highly recommend that homeowners learn more about them. It is important that homeowners are able to identify which are electrical wires and which are not. Also, they need to learn how to handle them properly to ensure their safety and prevent any electrical related accidents.

In this article, you will learn helpful information about some of the common electrical wires. Electrician Myrtle Beach experts suggest keeping these in mind, particularly what each type of wire do. This is also helpful should you have to deal with electricity as you conduct minor and basic home repairs.

  • Copper electrical wire – This is the most common type of electrical wire used in all residential homes. The reason for this is because copper is a very good electricity conductor and highly flexible so they can be used in any part of the house. They are reasonably priced as well so if you need to replace wiring in your home, use copper electrical wires instead.
  • Aluminum electrical wire – Another type of electrical wire that can be used in many residential homes is the aluminum electrical wire. Although it is much cheaper than and as flexible as copper, many electrician Myrtle Beach experts still prefer copper because aluminum is not a reliable conductor. You will need to buy twice as more aluminum electrical wires if you are to replace your copper wires at home.
    Another reason why this is no longer preferred is safety concerns. When these wires were used several decades ago, homeowners notice increased heat in the wires when they increased its electrical load. Because of this, aluminum wires are no longer used in residential homes. They are, however, used in commercial establishments but in larger diameters and quantities as well as in many electrical appliances.
  • Alloys and silver – Alloys are used primarily in commercial establishments. This is made from both copper and aluminum wires to benefit from their conductive properties and cost effectiveness. Silver, on the other hand, is used mainly in areas with very high temperature conditions. Although it is considered the best conductor of electricity, silver is not often used in homes because it is expensive and very difficult to bend. However, silver is used in some electrical appliances including your audio and video equipment since it could transfer signals more effectively.

It is important that you as a homeowner know about the basics of electrical wires. Consult with a local electrician Myrtle Beach to learn more. Call MB Electrician Pros now.

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