Why Invest In A Whole House Surge Suppressor

Surge Suppressor Myrtle BeachThe season of thunderstorms has begun, hence, we all need to update our surge protection. A transient surge is often caused by lightning and will strike your house and use your wiring to travel around and destroy any electrical device connected to your service panel.

Lightning does not need to strike a home directly to create a surge. It may strike a transformer located near your house – in which case, the surge might affect the entire neighborhood. The only precautionary measure you can do to protect your house from surges is to invest in a whole house surge suppressor.

What is a Whole House Surge Suppressor?

This is a device installed to a home to help protect against lightning spike as well as from power fluctuations. Power fluctuations are often caused by the long distances between service providers. Like a lightning spike and transient surge, fluctuations also cause serious problems to computers, kitchen appliances, stereos, and televisions.

Installing a whole house surge protection is the only way to proactively guard against power fluctuations that could result to extreme damages to many of your appliances and electronic equipment.

Reasons to Invest on a Whole House Surge Suppressor

 Minimize damage to properties

Houses that have been built for more than 20-30 years are larger and more customized. These houses have more complex wiring system. It often has a circuit board that is similar to that found in computers. So when there is a surge or lightning spike, it will travel throughout your house very quickly sending the surge to every electrical device that is plugged.

With a whole house surge suppressor, it will block the lightning spike or the transient surge as well as power fluctuations. According to recent studies, a whole house surge suppressor blocks approximately 300,000 amperes.

Professional support and installation

Despite what the market says that there are lots of surge protection devices that could be installed by a self-trained or novice electrician, you should get one that requires professional installation. It would save you time and money to have your suppressor installed by a professional electrician who knows the best suppressor available in the market for your needs as well as how to effectively and efficiently install it for maximum protection.

 Overall assessment your home

When installing a whole house surge suppressor, it is not only the physical dimensions of the electrical panel that is considered. The ratio of power delivered to the house is also assessed because the higher the components drawing power from your electrical panel, the higher the risk of catastrophe in a power fluctuation.

Protection even outside the house

A whole house surge suppressor extends its coverage to the outside perimeters of a house. The professional electrician installing the suppressor will also take into consideration any security alarm, satellite dish, and landline telephone systems surrounding the house. Because this equipment is also vulnerable to an electrical surge and lightning spike, it is also assessed when calculating the level of protection coverage.

Taking care of your home theater system

If you have a home theater system, the whole house surge suppressor would also be able to protect and take care of your theater system from being damaged by transient surge and lightning spikes. Home theater systems are electrical subsystems that are operating within the home’s overall electrical system; hence, a retail surge strip is not sufficient to protect it.

To help determine whether you need a whole house surge suppressor, call a professional electrician now. Five Star professional electricians have the skills and expertise to design and install a whole home surge protection system to cover your entire house, your valuable appliances and electrical devices as well as your expensive home theater systems, televisions, gadgets, and gaming systems. Contact Five Star now for your house surge protection needs.

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