Working With A Licensed Electrical Contractor: Do You Really Need To?

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Because of the many DIY shows and how to tutorials for electrical projects, homeowners are starting to wonder whether or not they really need to hire a licensed electrician for all their electrical needs. Everything seems simple and easy now, especially with the help of the Internet. If there is something you need to be doing and you don’t know, do a simple internet search with the phrase “how to” and you’ll get thousands of results for detailed step-by-step process and video tutorials. Electrical related projects and tasks are no exception.

This is why most homeowners are reconsidering the need for a licensed electrical contractor. The thought for many home owners is, why pay for electrician rates for installing recessed lighting if they can do it easily by themselves? They would rather spend the money buying the tools and equipment they need so they can complete the same task over and over again without repeatedly paying for service contractor fees. Indeed, a smart investment if you think about it.

On the other hand, homeowners must remember that a home’s electrical system is a complex and critical system. A minor mistake – such as a wrong wire connection – could easily lead to bigger problems, even leading to an electrical fire. This is especially true for older homes, which are likely to have complicated and outdated electrical and wiring systems. Attempting a repair in an older home on your own without professional assistance could be risky and extremely dangerous.

Aside from electrical repairs and upgrades in older homes, other tasks where you really need to hire a licensed and certified electrical contractor include the following:

Assessment of wiring done by another professional – If you have recently undergone a renovation or a remodel and hired a contractor who did everything from the installation of new walls, to setting up flooring and wiring, you would want to hire a licensed and certified electrical contractor to assess the wiring and connections. You will want to be sure that every wire is in the right place and properly connected, and only a professional electrical contractor can tell you that. Don’t worry about the fees for an electrician—assessment and inspection fees are smaller than rates for installation and repairs!

Inspection of sudden and alarming occurrences – These occurrences include humming noise after switching on or plugging in an appliance or furniture, electrical outlets getting warmer when in use or when not in use, and more frequent tripping of your breaker. Should any of these instances happen, you need to call in a professional electrical contractor at once. These are serious matters that could easily lead to dangerous problems if not addressed immediately and professionally. And it would be wise to turn off power at the circuit breaker while waiting for the contractor to arrive and assess the situation.

Electrical ContractorInstallation of additional outlets and circuits – If you have been living in your home for several years now, it is likely that you will need additional outlets and circuits to accommodate your family’s increasing reliance on electrical devices, gadgets, and appliances, especially if your house was constructed a couple of decades ago when families didn’t have as much technology as we have now. Although outlet installation may seem simple and easy with the video tutorials and detailed step-by-step guide you’ve researched online, it is still best to leave this task to professionals. Keep in mind that adding outlets would require altering your wiring system and tweaking the flow of electricity throughout the house. Plus, your circuit breaker may no longer be suitable to accommodate additional outlets. A professional electrical contractor, however, may be able to confirm this.

Inspection of your current wiring condition – If your house has been built years ago, it may be time to call in a professional electrician to conduct an inspection of your wiring system. However, if you are not sure when exactly to call for a professional inspection, there are some signs you can look for. Some of these signs that tell you need a professional wiring inspection include the presence of rust inside your electrical box and rusting or crumbling wire coating, which you will see when replacing a light switch. Should you notice any of these signs, it is best to call in a professional electrical contractor at once.

Electrical system upgrades – What you need to remember as a homeowner, is that electrical systems aren’t meant to last forever. You are bound to do some upgrades down the road no matter how much you invested in the latest and most up-to-date electrical system at the time your house was built. Considering the quick and continuous technological developments and the fact that people are getting more and more dependent on technology and electricity, an electrical system is indeed necessary.

One of the primary reasons why you need to do an electrical upgrade is safety issues. As mentioned before in this article, your home’s electrical system is a critical aspect of your home. You need to ensure that is’s always updated and follows local and state codes to ensure your family’s safety.

According to professional electricians, electrical systems usually remain up to local and standard codes for up to 25 years. Thus if your home is 25 years old, you will need to schedule an overall electrical system and wiring inspection by a professional. If your home reaches 30 years of age, you will need to replace electrical wiring, fuse box and other essential components of your electrical system as suggested and recommended by your electrical contractor.

Other reasons for calling in a professional electrical contractor aside from what is mentioned above are electrical repairs, especially those including complex and difficult repairs and replacements, rewiring, safety checks, and counseling for potential replacements and/or upgrades. In any case, an electrical contractor would often conduct an overall inspection of your wiring and electrical system to ensure that he or she will provide you with the most suitable and efficient recommendations.

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