Myrtle Beach Electricians Talk About Custom Lighting

Myrtle Beach ElectriciansProfessional Myrtle Beach electricians discuss what custom lighting is and why it is considered a great addition to your house, both for lighting and decoration purposes. Many homeowners are considering installing custom lighting but most of them are having second thoughts, as they know little about this particular lighting source.

What are custom lighting fixtures?

Custom lighting fixtures come in various styles and designs. Because of this, custom lighting could effortlessly affect the mood and atmosphere inside a certain room. So, if you are tired of the old boring white light that is installed when you first bought the house, Myrtle Beach electricians suggest replacing some of your standard lighting fixtures with custom lighting fixtures that are suitable to your needs, while adding elegance and style to your entire home, as well as sufficient illumination throughout the house.

Types of custom lighting

There are three types of custom lighting. Read below to find out what they are and learn more about them.

1. Recessed lighting

This particular type of custom lighting requires Myrtle Beach electricians to install them directly on the wall or ceiling in a recessed manner. These are often used to highlight or accent a certain area or wall art or décor. If you want to call attention to that painting you recently bought, consider installing recessed custom lighting. It also works perfectly in lighting hallways and bathrooms, and any other area of your house that has limited space.

2. Surface mounted custom lighting

This specific type of custom lighting simply means that it is not installed directly on your ceiling, unlike recessed lighting which is recessed entirely into the wall. Surface mounted lighting is mounted to a box, which is what is installed to your wall or ceiling. And this is what actually gives homeowners more opportunities to use this custom lighting for decorating their houses.

There are lots of surface mounted lighting available in the market. They come in a wide variety of designs and styles so you will surely find one that matches your home’s overall theme.

3. Outdoor lighting

Of course, you would want to illuminate your patio or deck as well, especially at night. This is not only to light your walkway when a member of the family comes home late. It also serves to improve your family’s safety and security. Keep in mind that installing outdoor lighting is one of the most effective ways to ward off burglars and robbers. A well-lit yard or patio makes it difficult for them to hide while they pick their way inside your house.

What makes outdoor lighting a custom lighting fixture is the way they were developed and manufactured. They are specifically made to withstand different weather conditions including constant and continuous rain, snow, strong winds, and even the sun’s heat during summer season. Most outdoor lighting fixtures are tightly sealed to prevent moisture. They also have a tough exterior to hold up to wear and tear.

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