What Do I Need An Electrical Contractor For?

Electrical Contractor Myrtle BeachPrimarily, you need an electrical contractor for the electrical related problems and issues you are having within your home. On the other hand, considering the thousands of how-to articles and video tutorials on electrical repair, you would certainly think twice about hiring an electrician. Why would you spend time and money looking for a certified and licensed electrician if you can do the repair on your own? Instead of paying for the electrician’s service fee, you could spend the money buying the necessary tools and equipment that you need to complete the repairs, right?

Despite this, however, you should know that electrical related issues are serious matters that are best left for trained and certified professionals. Unless you have had the necessary training and experience for such repairs, you should really consider hiring the best electrical contractors.

When to call in a professional electrician

Because today’s families are becoming more and more dependent on technology, their need for electricity continues to increase. This is why homes that were built decades ago would now need a major electrical upgrade to accommodate the family’s need for electricity. On the other hand, even with the required upgrades, a home’s electrical system may still get overloaded or some other section of the electrical system would fail with all the things that you and the rest of the family are plugging in all at the same time.

Aside from losing power throughout the entire house, or maybe just a couple of rooms, here are some other signs that tell you need to call in a professional electrical contractor.

1. Burning smell
This often comes from anywhere near your electrical outlets and switches. You may also want to check behind your appliances and electrical powered equipment as the burning smell might come from their electrical wires.

As soon as you smell the burning odor, it is best to turn off your electrical power immediately. Go to your power box and turn the main switch off and then call an electrician. While waiting for the contractor to arrive at your home, find the potential source of the burning smell. It is also best to inform the rest of the family not to use any of the outlets or switches until the electrician gives the go signal.

Keep in mind that the burning smell may be as minor as a burnt wire or a blown out electrical outlet, in which case you only need to have the damaged parts replaced. Or it could also mean the start of an electrical fire. So it is best not to use any form of electricity until your electrician have looked and inspected your electrical system.

2. Frequent tripping of your circuit breaker
Because of the continuous technological development, your family may be bringing home more electrical appliance or gadgets by the day. Plugging them all at once may overload your circuit breaker and, thus, cause the frequent tripping. Should this be the case, you basically need to have your electrical system upgraded.

There are other things you can do to resolve the problem, however. When you notice your circuit breaker tripping in all or some part of the house, reset the main switch at the electrical panel. Turn it all the way down and wait for a couple of minutes before turning it back on. This should stop the tripping. On the other hand, if you find that you are doing this more often and the tripping happens more frequently, you might need to replace your breaker or fuse.

When the tripping results in shutting off power from all or part of house, it may mean a serious problem and you will have to call in an electrician immediately. The tripping could be a sign of more severe electrical damage. Thus, it is always best to have a professional look at and assess the problem.

3. Lighting fixtures are flickering
Light fixtures sometimes flicker when you plug in an appliance or equipment that requires huge amount of electricity upon starting up. Examples of these appliances include your refrigerator and heat pump. When you turn on these appliances, they pull electricity from your other appliances that are plugged in or running, primarily your light fixtures, to help them start up. As a result, your light will flicker for a couple of seconds until your refrigerator or heat pump has completed their start up cycle.

Aside from these, there are other causes as to why your lighting fixtures flicker. And if you’re not plugging in your refrigerator or heat pump, you will want to check all possible causes. First, check your light bulb or LED and make sure it is still in an efficient working condition. Otherwise, replace it with a new one.

If this does not resolve the issue, have an electrician inspect your wiring system as some connections may be faulty. The electrician should inspect both ends of the wiring connection. It might be that one end is not working properly and might need to be replaced or rewired. It could also be that both ends need to be replaced. If your electrical contractor has found both wiring connections fine, then the problem might be in the light fixture. Be sure to contact certified and trained electrician to properly assess the problem.

4. Irregularly working outlets
If you notice that your outlets are not working properly, it might because of loose or faulty wiring. You will know you have irregularly working outlets if you plug in an appliance and it doesn’t power up. To be sure, try plugging the same appliance to a different outlet. If it powers up, the problem is likely in the first electrical outlet.

Before attempting to open the outlet and check out the wiring inside, it is highly recommended that you call your electrician and let the professional handle the problem. This is because the loose or faulty wiring may be exposed and if you come in contact with the exposed wire, you are sure to receive an electrical shock.

Be sure to work only with licensed and certified electricians. Get a list of electrical contractors who you can work with by calling MB Electrician Pros.

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