Outdoor Lighting Tips

Outdoor Lighting Myrtle BeachThe perfect lighting for your Myrtle Beach home can beautify and enhance your home but selecting the wrong outdoor lighting can actually ruin the whole outdoor environment. It is important to know what type of lighting will enhance your garden and home. Is it your dream to stroll down the walkway of your garden in the early evening and have your lighting create the perfect affect? Selecting the right outdoor lighting can be a dream come true.

The security of your home also depends on good outdoor lighting. As the summer winds down and the days start to get shorter, your outdoor lighting can lengthen the amount of day that you can spend enjoying the cooler fall weather. A great outdoor lighting plan can also extend your living space to the outdoor area of your home.

Outdoor lighting can be divided into four basic categories:

Security lighting – the goal of this type of lighting is to light up those areas around your home that are vulnerable. This type of lighting is usually motion sensitive and should be kept away from areas of your home where you have extended your living area as they can be distracting. You will want to have an on/off switch for your security outdoor lighting that can over ride the illumination triggered by movement.

Task lighting is for a specific purpose. A good example is lighting for cooking outdoors or for illuminating walking areas, especially areas with steps. The objective of this type of outdoor lighting is to shine the light directly on the area that needs to be well seen. Pay close attention that this outdoor lighting does not glare or is overly blinding which will detract from the area you are attempting to illuminate.

Accent lighting is designed for a very dramatic effect or to highlight areas such as an outdoor fountain or areas in your garden that have statues or other decorative ornaments. A good use of accent light is creating a silhouette effect. Keep the light between the object and a wall or fence will provide the desired effect. Ambient lighting is great for your extended outdoor living area because this makes people feel comfortable and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Starlight outdoor lighting is designed to imitate the light of the moon or stars and creates a magical atmosphere. This is accomplished by placing your lights in the branches of your trees. By pointing the lights downward you can create a dappled effect even when there is no full moon. By suspending the lights in the trees you can create the feel of a starlit knight, great for a romantic evening.

Outdoor Lighting Tips

Whatever type of lighting you decide to use for your home you should not over-do it. Often times less is more when it comes to outdoor lighting. Be careful to not use lighting where it is not needed. If you find areas are too bright, you can overcome this by lowering the watts in the bulbs you use. Be careful when you are installing your lighting that you are not sending the light into the sky. A common error that many homeowners make is to place lights in straight lines so it looks like an airport runway. Try and vary the direction of your outdoor lighting.

You will want to avoid using yellow lights because they are unflattering to both plants and people. In place of a yellow light you will want to use blue-white bulbs or install daylight-blue filters for your lighting. When you are installing your outdoor lighting be sure the bulbs can easily be reached for when it comes time to change out the bulbs. After you have installed your outdoor lighting, invite the neighbors over and enjoy the night!

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