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Top Safety Tips From Your Local Electrical Engineer

According to your local electrical engineer, the more dependent the household is to the use of electricity, the more important it is for homeowners and household members to implement safety electrical measures. It is extremely necessary for every homeowner to become fully aware of their surroundings and become alert on the worst electrical emergency that could happen. Experts believe that knowledge and awareness are what will keep you and your family safe from electrical emergencies. Here are some tips that you can follow to implement and ensure electrical safety around the house. 1. Know and remember when your house was READ MORE…

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Helpful Wiring Tips From Myrtle Beach Electrical Engineer

Wiring and other electrical repairs should be left to professionals such as your local licensed electrical engineer. On the other hand, there will be times when you need to do it on your own, particularly in cases when the electrician will not be able to come to your aid as soon as possible. This is likely to happen when the electrician has another client he is attending to or is located farther away from your location. This is why it is important that homeowners also learn some basic skills in wiring and electrical repairs. As a result, you will be READ MORE…

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Safety Tips From Electrical Engineer In Using Extension Cord

Local electrical engineers in Myrtle Beach and professional electricians agree that the use of electrical cords can be both beneficial and harmful, especially if they are misused and abused. Extension cords make it easier when you need to plug something from your garage, lawn or backyard. Despite this, however, home owners should know how to properly use extension cords to prevent electrical damage and accidents, including fire. What homeowners should know about electrical cords Electrical cords are specifically developed to provide convenience when you need additional sockets. They are made for temporary use only and should not be used as READ MORE…

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Summer Safety Tips From Your Local Electrical Engineer

According to a professional electrical engineer in Myrtle Beach, summer is when people are always out playing or doing some chores in the yard. If you are among those types of people who take advantage of the clear and warm weather to come out and have some fun or finish that long overdue household project, you will surely benefit from these safety measures. When playing outside… Perhaps you want to spend time outdoors playing with the kids. There are lots of games you can play outside with the entire family. And if this is what you plan to do, you READ MORE…

Your Electrical Engineer And Your Electrical System

If there is one thing that your electrical engineer will tell you about your electrical system, it will have something to do with upgrades. According to many professional electricians, that is what most of the homes in Myrtle Beach need, particularly those homes that have been built 20-30 years ago. These homes have completely outdated electrical systems. More specifically, they will typically have only one lighting source at the center of each room, a limited number of two pronged outlets and only a couple of large appliances. Obviously, their needs for electricity are entirely different from today’s need for electricity.