Seek Holiday Safety Tips From An Emergency Electrician

Emergency ElectricianThis holiday season, limit your need for an emergency electrician by keeping your house safer and more secured. It has become even more important that you keep your family safe from electrical problems and accidents. There is no better time to be more vigilant and careful than the holiday season, as this is the time when many families hang lots of lights and other electrically powered decorations.

Although these are indeed very pleasing to the eye, it is still important that you take a closer look at your electrical system before installing and adding more lights.

Below are some holiday safety tips from a professional emergency electrician.

  • Keep real Christmas trees watered – Keep in mind that a dry Christmas tree could instantly catch fire even with only a slight exposure to an overheating light bulb. Since you will most likely use small lights to decorate your real tree, you might want to water it regularly and keep it hydrated. Aside from preserving its freshness, you could also prevent accidental fires due to overheating light bulbs or power surge.
  • Careful and thorough inspection of your Christmas lights – After taking these out from storage and before you install them, check each link for any signs of wear and tear, fraying, and any other types of damage. Plugging them into an outlet without thoroughly inspecting it may cause it to easily cause electrical problems, meaning you would have to call in an emergency electrician.
  • Use fused plugs on your Christmas lights – These fused plugs add an additional layer of protection to your necessities and the entire property. Fused plugs help prevent spreading of sparks throughout the electrical system, which can eventually cause a short circuit.
  • Do not use damaged holiday lights – If you notice damaged wiring on your holiday lights, do not use them anymore as they could easily cause more costly problems with your electrical system.
  • Only use bulbs with the same wattage – If, for reason, you need to change and replace your broken holiday light bulbs, choose the same bulbs in terms of wattage and size.
  • Use insulated hooks when installing holiday lights – These do the most efficient job of keeping the holiday lights in place. They also help protect the holiday lights from getting short circuit. Plus, it safer to use and handle.
  • Tape over extension cord – Aside from keeping the extension cord in place, taping them securely to the ground help keep people safe from tripping over the cord. Keep in mind that frequent tripping over the cord may cause fraying of the cord, which is not a good sign.

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