Your Local Emergency Electrician On Summer Electrical Safety

Emergency Electrician Myrtle BeachEmergency electricians in Myrtle Beach often have busy months during the summer season because of the increased demand for their services. Many homeowners do not realize the electrical safety hazards that come with summer. To prevent putting you and your families at risk, it is important that you learn about these safety hazards.

Outdoor electrical dangers during summer

Everyone wants to spend a lot of time outdoors during summer. Lots of different outdoor activities are being planned for the pleasure of the entire family. But you still have to practice safety and caution when playing outside as electrical problems not only happen indoors. Note that telephone poles and electrical lines outside can also cause electrical risks. To avoid this, here is what you and the rest of the family should remember:

  • Do not play near a power line. Always assume they are live and dangerous even though they do not show any signs to prove that they are. It is important that no part of your body or toy will touch the power line. Do not use stray branches or sticks to move the power line to a safe place. What you should do when you see a power line is to move away from it without coming in contact with it.
  • Do not approach or enter areas where there are electrical substations or downed power lines. If your friend, family member or pet has strayed and has accidentally entered the area, call a professional to bring them back. Do not attempt to retrieve them on your own.
  • Your local emergency electrician also advises not to play with utility poles. Always remember that they are dangerous to climb or post any signs, posters or flyers on.
  • If your clothes have accidentally been hooked on a power line when you tried to throw them in the air to celebrate summer, do not attempt to retrieve them on your own. This will only put you at risk of electrical problems. If possible, call a professional at once to help you out.
  • Have your kids play with kites, aircrafts, and other airborne toys in areas with wide open spaces and where there are no power lines and utility poles. Keep in mind that these toys can become stuck in power lines and eventually cause electrical problems. There are many parks and open fields in Myrtle Beach where children can play without their parents worrying about utility poles and power lines.
  • Trees can easily catch fire especially when it’s really hot and when it accidentally touches a live power line. To prevent this from happening, make sure your trees are placed away from power lines and utility posts. Otherwise, make sure you have the branches trimmed regularly to prevent them from coming in contact with the power lines. Also do not allow your kids to climb trees that are near power lines.

Indoor electrical safety tips

To avoid calling am emergency electrician more often than necessary, follow these indoor electrical safety tips.

  • Do not use or store electrical toys near the bathroom, swimming pool or yard especially if you have sprinklers.
  • Always remember that electricity travels quickly through water. This is why it is strongly advised that you do not touch anything electrical – toys, gadgets, and appliances – when you are wet or standing in water.
  • Have an emergency electrician install up-to-date ground fault circuit interrupters in your backyard to effectively prevent accidental electrical shock.
  • Avoid using extension cords outside.
  • If possible, have all your outdoor outlets as well as those plugs inside the house that are near the kitchen and bathroom updated to GFCI outlets.
  • Make sure every member of the household knows where the circuit breaker is located so they know where to go and shut your electricity down in the event of an electrical emergency. It also helps if you have the contact information of your local emergency electrician near your phones so any member of the household can call them in case of emergencies.
  • Avoid using appliances with plugs that are damaged, frayed or have an exposed wire.

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